Globally Owned and Operated

Hangers PLUS USA Headquarters are located in Coopersville, Michigan, with our own production and distribution points strategically located throughout the world.


Hangers PLUS is an active member of VICS and our hangers are designed and produced to meet, and or improve, the VICS voluntary quality guidelines for products used in the US market, along with several designs created for non-VICS projects as well as the European Market.


Hangers PLUS owns and operates our own production facilities in:


Shenzhen {South China}, Hangzhou {North China}, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka {Warehouse} with a new production facility in India to be completed in 2010. With the recognition that quality products and service is the key to our success, Hangers PLUS continues to expand our production and warehouse operations to meet the specific requirements of the customers we serve.


We test all of our products to be sure we are meeting sustainable objectives as well as the performance requirements of the current market. Hangers PLUS strives to operate to ISO 9001quality standards at all of our production facilities.

New Products

Hangers PLUS team of creative designers who have years of experience designing display and transportation fixtures for retailers and clothing manufacturers. Hanger PLUS designs are focused on how to improve the way hangers work for our customers and NOT to protect the use of obsolete tooling. Our creative team will work with you to develop sustainable display designs that will improve your merchandise presentations as well as lower your costs through enhanced design concepts that meet or exceed current performance requirements and standards.

In House Mold Building Capabilities

In addition to designing and producing high quality hangers, Hangers PLUS boasts a state of the art mold building facility that is used not only for our hanger line, but also is used by many customers for producing their own products. Our mold build group also produces mold for Hangers PLUS consumer products line which include several items such as storage containers, baskets, and plastic furniture


Hangers PLUS is proud of our family of professionals who help make up our global team.


Our Design, Operations, Sales and Management team offer years of experience and shared commitment to the philosophy that we all exist to serve you (our customers) whose needs and direction will lead us to continued success!!

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